About our AOS Standard Series

Powerful 2.2 kW to 5.5 kW performance with speeds of 2880 rpm. Achieve impressive head heights up to 60m and flow rates of 1500 lpm. Perfectly designed for 380-415V, 3-phase settings. Your ideal farming companion.



  • High discharge: Ensures optimal water flow for various applications.
  • Low voltage operation: Efficient performance even during power fluctuations.
  • Inbuilt with TOP (Thermal Overload Protection): Provides safety against overheating and motor burnout.
  • Water lubricated bearings: Prolongs pump lifespan and ensures smooth operation.
  • No suction and priming problems: Hassle-free and consistent pump performance.
  • Robust design: Engineered for longevity in demanding conditions.
  • Easy installation: User-friendly design for quick setups.
  • Energy-efficient: Minimized power consumption for reduced operational costs.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Ensures durability in diverse water conditions.
  • Quiet operation: Minimized noise during pump runs.



  1. Residential water systems: Ensuring consistent water supply to homes.
  2. Garden irrigation: Maintaining lush landscapes and greenery.
  3. Water supply systems: Reliable water distribution in urban and rural areas.
  4. Chemical Industries: Efficient movement of liquids in processing units.
  5. Agricultural Irrigation: Maximizing crop yields with effective water distribution.
  6. Sprinkler systems: Even water dispersion for lawns, crops, and greenhouses.


Technical Specification

  • Power Range: 2.2 kW - 5.5 kW(Three Phase)
  • Speed: 2880 rpm
  • Head: Upto 60m
  • Flow: Upto 1500 lpm
  • Voltage Range: 380 - 415V, 3Ph 50 Hz
  • Liquid/Max.Temp: Clear Water/33°C
  • Insulation: Class B, 99.9% Pure Copper

Material of Construction

  • Body & Housing: Robust Cast Iron ensuring durability and strength.
  • Impeller: High-quality Cast Iron, designed for optimal water flow and efficiency.
  • Seal: Precision-engineered Mechanical Seal, ensuring leak-proof operation.
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotating Parts: Ensures minimal vibration and noise, consisting of Impeller and Rotor Shaft.
  • Shaft: Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel, offering extended lifespan and consistent performance.

Performance Chart