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Our products are warranted for a period of one year from the date of Purchase.


  • For any manufacturing defect found within the warranty period, the company will rectify the pump at free of cost
  • Warranty does not hold goods for electrical, since supply condition may vary from place to place
  • This is not an onsite warranty & does not hold if the serial number is deleted, defaced or altered
  • The liability of the company under this warranty shall not extend any incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising out of or in the course of installation and use
  • Warranty shall not apply to any damages or wear to pump set resulting abnormal operating condition, accident, misuse, any alterations, dry running, uses of non-standard accessories / equipments, wrong pump selection
  • The warranty is void if the pump is attended by unauthorized personnel. Any dispute is subject to Coimbatore Jurisdiction only

Problem Resolving Chart

1 Pump does not start No power supply Check power supply.
Very low voltage Check the input supply wire capacity (size) whether it is adequate for the given load and also check for any loose Connections. Consult Power supplier for low voltage supply.
Very low voltage Check the input supply wire capacity (size) whether it is adequate for the given load and also check for any loose Connections. Consult Power supplier for low voltage supply.
Fuse blown up Check for voltage at motor terminal replace fuse. If new fuse also blows out, recheck all electrical wiring
Capacitor failure Replace capacitor
Motor protector is open due to over heating Check free rotation of the rotor by rotating the shaft.
Check supply voltage.
Check pump input current.
Impeller stuck Check and correct it. Cover the foot valve or stainer with a close meshed strainer to avoid foreigh particles entering into the pump.
Broken circuit in incoming leads Check all circuits and remedy fault.
2 Pump rotates but it does not deliver water Priming is not sufficient Fill water completely and ensure priming plug is tightened well.
Too many bends & elbows in suction & delivery pipe line Reduce bends & elbows as much as possible.
Suction Lift too high Install the pump closer to the water level. Suction lift to be within recommended depth.
Foot valve or inbuilt check value in regenerative monoset self priming pump is not fuctioning. Repair or replace it.
Wrong direction of rotation Correct the direction of rotation to coincide with direction indicated by the arrow mark on the pump.
Total head higher than the specified one Reduce the total head or change to a suitable range pump..
Air being sucked in through the suction pipe line Check the pipe for leakage and correct it.
Leakage in air cock Tighten the air cock. If necessary replace it.
Smaller size pipes used Change the pipes to the recommended sizes
Mechanical seal leaking Change the mechanical seal
Foot valve or impeller or pipe blocked Clean the pipe, impeller and foot valve
3 Pump requires excessive power or heats and ceases Low voltage Check the supply wire capacity (size) and also check for any loose connections. Contact the power supplier to rectify low voltage.
4 Pump vibrates and noisy Mechanical seal improperly fitted or damaged. Check valve / foot valve malfunctioning. Check seal, correct and replace if required
Bearing worn out / incorrectly fitted Replace bearing and use recommended quality grease
Vibration of pipes with support Securely hold pipe lines
Impeller blocked Clean impeller
Shaft bend Rectify or replace it
Check valve / foot valve malfunctioning Rectity or replace
5 Mechanical seal Leaking Excessive silt content or foreigh particles trapperd in seal faces. Replace the seal. Cover the foot valve or strainer with a closed mesh strainer
Dry running Change the seal
Vibration of pipes with support Securely hold pipe lines
Seal fitted improperly Check seal and refit
Bearing worn out Replace bearings
6 Pump jam Kept idle for long time Rotate the pump shaft with a screwdriver inserting it in the slotted portion of the shaft, which is provided at cooling fan side of the motor. If this is not enough to solve the problem, unscrew the bold and rinse/clean the pump thoroughly until the pump shaft rotates freely by hand.
Pump should be run for few minutes atleast once in three days.